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Author Topic: A Starting Point - Flashbacks - Remembering  (Read 1099 times)

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A Starting Point - Flashbacks - Remembering
« Reply #1 on: June 21, 2010, 09:11:33 AM »
About Flashback s

It starts with rememberi ng. Many times this is accompani ed by flashback s. Anyone and everyone knows what rememberi ng is. Not everyone knows what a flashback is, so we will start with that.

What Is A Flashback?
By definitio n, most consider a flashback as a disassoci ated memory that returns to conscious ness.
Flashback s are almost always terrifyin g for those who experienc e them.

What Causes a Flashback?
Many things can cause a flashback . It can be:
a particula r taste,
a particula r touch,
a particula r scent,
a particula r sound,
a particula r picture,
or a particula r emotion.

How Long Does a Flashback Last?
A flashback can be of any duration, depending on the environme nt and the memory itself. For some a flashback only last an instant or a moment, while for others it can be considera bly longer, from a few minutes, to say fifteen minutes. I believe that any flashback that lasts beyond that, has shifted from a flashback to disassoci ation
Some people describe smelling alcohol or perfume when none is present. Or perhaps hearing a phrase over and over "in their head".
Note: This is not schizophr enia, or an auditory hallucina tion, it is the rememberi ng.

Experiencing a flashback does NOT mean you are crazy - it means that you are at a point in your life when you (your psyche is) are able to cope with things that you couldn't cope with earlier.

By working through them - assemblin g these broken fragments into a coherent memory (by talking about it, crying about it, working through the experienc e [typically with a counselor]) the intensity of the flashback will lessen until it ceases entirely. Please note that this in no way means that you forget about the experienc e, but rather that you have learned how to cope with the memory or memories of it.

The opinion or descripti on stated here is not to be used for diagnosti c or as a basis for the treatment of flashback s and/or the likelihoo d of abuse or assault that may cause them, and is the opinion of the poster


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