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Author Topic: Who qualifies to request access to this categories  (Read 1307 times)

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Who qualifies to request access to this categories
« Reply #1 on: April 02, 2010, 09:27:25 PM »

We hope you are reading this to find out what this is and not to find out that you were abused this way.
We know that all types of abuse are bad, and contain some over-powering by the perpetrat or.
We also know that in most cases that the perpetrat or is a "trusted" person.

Yet, ritualist ic abuse has facets or sides to it that are not seen in other types of abuse.
Some examples are; a drug that prevents the victim from being able to voice their objection s or the use of restraint s ropes and gags that do the same thing. Additiona lly, this type of abuse is where the victim is subjected to pain while their body's pleasure areas are stimulate d. This typically creates within the victim confusion and deviance of sexual responses (the victim needs to be overpower ed or submitted to pain, or goes to the opposite extreme and needs to deliver pain to their sexual partner).
If you request full access to this category, please understan d in advance that we will ask you some questions to ensure the protectio n of those that already have full access. We would prefer that not one of our members suffer this type of abuse but, if this is you, you already know that you qualify and will be granted full access. Just so that you know, there is a member that accesses this area, so don't believe that you are the only one.

Take Care of Yourself and Keep Yourself Safe,
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