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How to get started
« Reply #1 on: July 11, 2009, 06:16:21 AM »

Registration, Logging In, and Logging Out

How do I Register?
We have topics on a few boards in The Front Yard and on The Porch (aka our Guest Area).
To get access to the other areas, you will have to register with a username. This will enable you to maintain a
consisten t identity (your Display Name)  when you post, and know what you've read, no matter where you're accessing  from or what computer you're using.
You'll also be able to fill out a personal profile and use our built-in personal message system. You can subscribe to
email notificat ions, know if the have been new posts, and more.
You can register now if you want by clicking here, or wait until later and select (click on) Register

When you arrive at the registrat ion screen, you will need to do the folowing:

enter your desired User name (please do NOT use your real name),

enter your desired Display name again, (please do NOT use your real name),

enter a valid email address,

enter an eight digit password,

check the Hide email address from public? box,

you must enter a captcha (kinda like this)to prevent fake registrat ions,

check the I am at least 13 years old box if this is true,

(OR follow the instructi ons in the Registrat ion Agreement if you are under 13 years old),

check the I am a Supportin g Member OR I am a Survivor box.

This forum also requires you to agree to our terms of use before your registrat ion is accepted. It is believed that you  have read the Terms Of Use before you check the I Agree box before you click on the Register button.

Registrat ion has been configure d to require approval from a forum administr ator, the next screen will tell you so and you will receive an email confirmin g that you registere d and (usually in a few hours) another email later informing you that your applicati on has been approved.

How do I log in?
The Username and Password fields should be self-explanatory.
Minutes to stay logged in simply means the number of minutes the cookie that keeps you logged in will last before expiring and requiring you to login again.

So, entering a long time here is NOT ADVISABLE to IF YOU SHARE a computer AND/OR are likely to FORGET TO LOGOUT. If no-one else has access to your computer, you might prefer to check Always stay logged in.

What if I forgot my password?
If you're trying to login to the forum but have forgetten or lost your password, you can retrieve it with the lost password tool by following the Forgot your password? link from the login screen.
You can enter either your username or your email address so long as you check the appropria te option, then click the Send button to send yourself an email containin g a link to reset your password. It's also possible to avoid the email altogethe r if you've set yourself a secret question and answer in your profile, but please beware of questions that anyone could answer or guess (like 'what is the first color of the rainbow?', which would be a very bad choice)!

How do I log out?
When you have finished browsing the forum, you may decide to logout. IF you share a workstati on, leaving yourself logged in is NOT be a good idea.
Select Logout from the main menu and the forum will log you out, turning you into an instant guest, clearing your name from the list of users online and safeguard ing your forum identity until you choose to login again.


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