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Author Topic: All but My Soul - Another Survivor's Story  (Read 1201 times)

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All but My Soul - Another Survivor's Story
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Though this may seem like an advertise ment, we have decided to provide this informati on as a courtesy.

All But My Soul is a true story of abuse beyond control. It is a heartfelt personal account of an upper middle class family entrappin g itself in the classic Cycle of Violence. Dr. Jeanne King tells her family story and addresses a psychosoc ial disfuncti on affecting 1 out of 3 women in America today. Written with love and wisdom, All But My Soul uncovers a social political scandal that re-victimizes the abused. It shows how a well-documented family abuser uses the system to push the protectiv e mother out of their abused children's lives. This compellin g, suspensef ul and informati ve expose' discloses domestic violence taken to an amazing, outrageou s extreme.

How to determine if your relations hip is dangerous .
What your options are before it is too late.
Why perpetrat ors and victims remain unnoticed .
Is there a connectio n between pregnancy and violence.
How psychothe rapy can aid or interrupt abuse.
How society re-victimizes abused women and children.
Why divorce court supports the family abuse dynamic.
What happens to the next generatio n.
Is abuse a choice for adults only.
How love and wholeness exist beyond violation .

Jeanne King, Ph.D. is a psycholog ist with 20 years of clinical experienc e in mind body medicine.
She has been in an abusive relations hip with an obstetric ian gynecolog ist for 17 years.
Her plight with her three children has given her an extraordi nary understan ding of family violence and legal domestic abuse.
Dr. King weaves personal vulnerabi lity and psycholog ical insight in showing what supports and what breaks the battery cycle.

This book could save your patient or yourself, your life, your children, your job and your home.

"it will show you what happened to you and[/or] your children is NOT about you!" cited from www.drjeannek (permissio n pending)

Half of the purchase price will be given to the Foundatio n of Inner Sanctuary, dedicated to breaking the cycle of violence in family court and community .

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Mind Matters Publishin g

Stay Safe and Take Care,
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