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Author Topic: Guest's Questions - To Survivors, Supporting Members, or Staff  (Read 1165 times)

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Guest's Questions - To Survivors, Supporting Members, or Staff
« Reply #1 on: July 10, 2009, 11:39:36 AM »
This is here so as to allow Guests to ask questions of both Supportin g Members and Survivors . We are providing this service as a convenien ce ONLY.
We are trying to help you understan d what it is to be a survivor.

That said, this is how it is done.
1. All guest's are asked to submit their question to a staff member, by emailing
2. The question(s) will be checked for appropria te content, if inappropr iate, the question will be modified with an explanati on noted as to why, before submitted to the members by the Staff.
3. The question(s) will then be posted onto the applicabl e board by the Staff.
4. After seven (7) days (whether answered or not) the question will posted in here with the senders "name".

Easy huh?
In the event that Guests or Members have any questions for the Staff, they are encourage d to do so using the same method as above. There answer will be posted on The Porch.
We will do our best to answer all questions as quickly as possible.
We thank you in advance for you interest here at Your Sanctuary .

Stay Safe and Take Care,
Your Sanctuary Staff


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