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Author Topic: How To Appeal When You've Been Suspended Or Banned  (Read 1433 times)

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How To Appeal When You've Been Suspended Or Banned
« Reply #1 on: July 10, 2009, 06:56:13 AM »

It is hoped that you are not reading this because you have been suspended or worse, banned.

Getting suspended or banned from Your Sanctuary truly takes quite a bit of effort. The Staff here will work with members that have "crept up on our radar". The Staff will try to guide them down a correctiv e path with suggestio ns and ideas via private messages or notations in their posts. If more correctio ns are needed, the Staff tends to be more watchful and responsiv e. We really try to work with all members as much as possible.

This is not about power.
Power is a website where ONLY THE WEBMASTER DICTATES WHAT IS "POSTED", including both, when, and where.
This really is about protectio n for all the other members.

The Staff knows that any member will be angry about being suspended or banned. That is why ANY ONE that has been suspended or banned IS REQUIRED TO WAIT TWENTY-FOUR (24) HOURS BEFORE contactin g the Staff (this gives time for the suspended or banned member, the other person {if there is one involved}, and the Staff to discuss the occurrenc e calmly).

How to appeal if you have been suspended OR banned.
1. There are absolutel y no guarantee s that even if you appeal a ban that it will be reversed/rescinded, especiall y if you've been suspended or banned previousl y.

2. The Staff will not discuss why a member was suspended with anyone except for that person. This includes everyone that the suspended member may request contact Your Sanctuary.  The more you pester the Staff, the more inclined the Staff is to take issue with the member pestering the Staff and possibly implement correctiv e actions against them (see spamming).

3. Any member that has been suspended, and believes or thinks that it wasn't fair, is encourage d to inform the Staff of your side (or view point) AFTER the required twenty-four hour waiting period
(this should have been done as soon as the member thought that they may have done something against another member).
By doing this, the Staff will be able to recognize if a problem lies in a particula r member that is guiding others to break the rules for them and/or other members, or falsely accusing other members.
If this is reported, we would look into it and if it is discovere d that this is true, that member will have actions taken against them.

4. The way to do this would be to drop an email to yoursanct uarystaff  Just remember to wait until AFTER twenty-four (24) hours has past since you were notified of the suspensio n or ban.

5. Yes, you may still be mad, but don't use caps ( LIKE THIS TO SAY THINGS ). Carefully describe exactly what happened, including everythin g (even if it is a "little thing" that you did wrong) so that we can attempt to see your view point.

6. Include all the facts of what actually happened and/or was said.  Be thorough. Please do NOT use a lot of adjective s to describe how ( "Cloud viciously told me that I had to change my display name ).  If this informati on is needed by the Staff to make a decision or determine things that should be considere d, you will be contacted and asked to describe the "how".

7. If you know you were wrong, own up to your error, and admit it, for example, "I screwed up, I can see how that was taken wrong, I'm sorry, and will try to think things through before I send them an apology with a Personal Message (PM)".

8. Think through your email before you send it.  Sometimes it is good to print it out and have friend read it,  remember that the letter only tells of a disagreem ent or of something you have done somewhere . They will not need to know that it is to the Staff of a survivors forum.

We don't ever want to suspend or ban anyone, but we will if we have to.

Take Care and Stay Safe,
Your Sanctuary Staff


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