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Author Topic: What You Can Do If Your Post Is Modified, Deleted, Or Moved  (Read 1987 times)

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What You Can Do If Your Post Is Modified, Deleted, Or Moved
« Reply #1 on: June 26, 2010, 05:57:38 AM »

It has been decided to try to work even more with the members. To accomplis h this, we have decided to allow members to request "additiona l considera tions" if their post is modified, deleted, or moved.
If we modify or delete your post, you will receive a Personal Message (PM) from the Staff member that modified or deleted your post.
If your post was modified or deleted, you will be informed as to why either of those actions were necessary . If you do not agree, the Senior Staff members (Global Moderator s, Assistant Administr ators, and Administr ators) want to know. We have the forum set-up so that a report is generated that a post was modified, deleted, or moved, yet we can't promise that it is 100% effective or that a Senior Staff member will be online when a post is corrected by a moderator .
If your post is moved, the Staff member moved the post is expected to list the reason it was moved on the original board.
If you feel that any of the above actions were not justified, you are entitled to contact any Staff member about the action taken (The reason we say ANY Staff member is because we all form friendshi ps here, or feel that we do, or do not get along with a particula r person, especiall y with a particula r Staff member).
Once this is done, that Staff member will ask that the concern be discussed and re-considered.
If it is decided that the original decision was not justified, the original actions taken will be rescinded (taken back or "un-done"). On the other hand, if is decided that the action was justified, do remember that all our Staff decisions are final. It is the Staff choice to reconside r and it is not required. If it is done, it is purely out of courtesy.

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