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Some information for Family & Friends
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YES! Absolutly, I believe it is public else where! It is so important that people out there know about this. That Family & Friends know that this could be what's up with them. Going public could potential ly draw in more members, and Family & Friends.. .which would be AWESOME!
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Some information for Family & Friends
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Can we make this public informati on?
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Some information for Family & Friends
« Reply #1 on: May 21, 2010, 07:56:29 PM »
What is a Secondary Survivor?  Your Sanctuary calls them Supportin g Members

Emotional Reactions of People Close to a Survivor of r*p*
Share Article | Jan 29, 2010 Elizabeth Stannard Gromisch

r*p* and sexual assault are emotional charged crimes that affect the people around the survivor as well.

When someone is sexually assaulted, the survivor can go through a range of emotional responses . But they are not the only ones: people close to the survivor, like siblings, parents, friends, and partners, can also go through many of the same feelings. They are called secondary survivors?people who are in the survivor's life and help her deal with what happened to her. The New Britain Sexual Assault Crisis Service's Counselor Advocate Training Manual states that is natural for secondary survivors to feel ?powerless, guilty, shocked, angry, or scared,? but that they should ?try not to let these feelings interfere with the help that the survivor needs.?

What Secondary Survivors Should Avoid Doing

When finding out that someone close to you has been r*p*d or sexually assaulted, it can be difficult to know how to act. Even though the news can be disturbin g for the secondary survivor, remember that the survivor is dealing with the shock and hurt, and needs support. People close to the survivor should be careful not to victim blame, which can be detriment al to the survivor's recovery. For example, do not ask ?why? questions, such as ?why did you wear that skirt?? or ?why were out that late?? Those types of questions do not help the survivor. The Counselor Advocate Training Manual recommend s posing this question to yourself before asking the survivor a detailed question: ?Am I asking this for the survivor of myself?do I really need to know this in order to comfort my friend??

Secondary survivors should also be careful not to deny the assault. Listen to the survivor and encourage her to do what she needs to heal. This means not f*rc*ng the survivor to go back to her regular schedule if she is not ready. If the assailant is known by the secondary survivors, it may be difficult for them to believe that the assault occurred. Should this occur, focus on the survivor and listening to what she needs; do not protect the assailant or tell her that she is lying?this could prevent the survivor from opening up to other people and getting the help she needs. Let the survivor know that she is not alone, but do not compare her assault to another situation .

This was modified to prevent confusion .
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