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The Services We Have To Offer You
« Reply #1 on: July 10, 2009, 12:21:47 PM »

A member of this forum recently suggested that perhaps it should be mentioned as to what makes this forum different .  As there was no reason not to provide this informati on, it was decided that we would.

For a compariso n, the Staff went to and even joined some other survivors forums. What were they like?  Well, the Staff found that all forums designed for survivors were looked at for the basic things that a Survivor is searching for:

1. Hope;
To be able realize that you are both not alone, but also this is something that you can overcome.
You can be victoriou s!

2. Safety;
This is instilled through the Terms of Use and the Staff members so that the members know that this is a place that they can post without fear of:
"being found out",
of persecuti on or harassmen t,
of intimidat ion or condemnat ion.

3. Comfort;
A soft blue backgroun d is conducive to a relaxed state of mind and creating a place where you can just hang out when you're feeling "edgy".

4. Anonymity;
Like others, we recommend that you NEVER reveal any personal informati on about yourself.  All forums feel strongly about this.
However, we feel that if you have moved beyond the fear of "being found out", you do have options here. If you follow the policy for revealing your first name, you will be allowed to, though at this time we will NOT to accept anything beyond that, at least not on the open forum.

5. Support;
Here, you will find that members are encourage d to offer solutions (but, never advice).

This is done by saying something like "Wow, I remember when I was going through that, and I found that when I was feeling trapped like that I would [ blank ] and it helped me.  I am not sure that would help you, and only you know if this is safe for you to even try. But if it is, you are welcome to try it. Stay safe".

6. A place to vent pent up feelings;
We have created "SCREAMING Rooms" for both Survivors and Supportin g Members. Neither of these boards require that you censor your words, and you can use ALL CAPS.
This finally gives you a chance to finally say what's on your mind.  To release what you have held inside for so long.  We know that there are parts of you that are so, so angry.  We don't know if you will find a "SCREAMING Room" at other forums.

7. A place where alters can "come out";
An area just for alters has been set up.

(There are Survivors out there who have sought alternati ve means of dealing with the abuse that happened to them.  Some of them had an "alternate personali ty" be in the body, so that they could "escape" when they were abused.)
We want to be here for all of you, and not just the nice and polite you.
We believe that, the average person has parts of them. Because you are a Survivor, that just means that there may be more.
For safety purposes, each alter is registere d with their own account, by doing this, they have to be responsib le for their own actions and words (based on their age of course).
For more informati on about this, contact the Staff.

8. A place where the Staff members are NOT someone "up there";
We, as Survivors, have worked hard to make all the Staff members available to the membershi p. 
There are actually three ways to contact Staff members:
A) There is a board titled "Questions To The Staff" Here you can tell us what you think of the Forum, make suggestio ns, or if you just want to ask us something . Remember that if it is personal, you may want to send a Personal Message directly to a Staff member.
B) Any member can click on a Staff members "Display Name" and this will bring you to their profile and on the left hand side of the page you will see "Send Personal Message".  If you don't know who is a Staff member, you can click on the "Members" tab that is located close to the top of the page and this will show you a listing of the members and what their position is.
C) Any member or guest can email a Staff member or the Staff in general, by sending their questions to

9. A place where the Administr ation is fair in the treatment of "mistakes";
Many considera tion s were made when the Terms of Use (TOUs) were created.  We will always hold the member's safety as the first priority, yet we don't think it is necessary to ban members forever  :o on their first, second or even third "infractio n" or non-compliance when there are ways to suspend a member for a specific period of time.
For example, we don't think that it's right to ban someone just because they cussed on the forum.
However, there are immediate and severe responses to any members that create an unsafe situation or environme nt.

10. A place that a potential member could look around (a lot) before joining;
We have made it so that there is a considera bly large area that you are permitted to view as a guest before obligatin g to becoming a member, but you have already seen that.

11. A place that offers these same hopes and ideals for the ones that love and care for a Survivor.  We call them Supportin g Members;
"What about us?" they ask.  We don't think it takes that much to figure out.  If a Survivor is, let's say, bursting into tears, or perhaps unfortuna te to have a memory take hold of them.  Isn't it likely that a Supportin g Member is asking themselve s "What did I do to cause this?" or "What do I do?"  Finally, here is a place that you, the Supportin g Member can learn why the Survivor reacts the way they do AND what, if anything, you should do.

We do insist, that a Supportin g Member NEVER EVER say "I understan d how you feel" or "I know", because frankly, unless you have been through it, you don't.

Well, there you have it. That is why we are here for you. And please do not forget that this is Your Sanctuary .

Stay Safe and Take Care,
Your Sanctuary Staff
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