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Author Topic: What It Is, What To Do, and How To Report  (Read 1172 times)

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What It Is, What To Do, and How To Report
« Reply #1 on: July 10, 2009, 11:09:45 AM »
Please Note: In this post there are certain words may be triggers for some members. Those words are censored by have the vowels replaced with *, this is why some words in this post are like th*s. (All Members do have the option of turning off the word censoring)

What it is.
S*x**l assault is any unwanted s*x**l contact.  In the United States there is an attempted  r*p*  every 3-5 minutes (I would like to point out that there really isn't such a thing as attempted  r*p*  because in the victim's eyes - it's still  r*p*).  Of those, 78% are committed by someone the victim knows.

There are several acts that are considere d s*x**l assault.  They are:
1) r*p* is f*rc*d, or coerced (talked in to it) s*x
2) date / acquainta nce  r*p*
3) marital (marriage) / spousal  r*p*
4) statutory  r*p*  (s*x with someone under 18 by another that is over 18 {even if both consent})
5) s*x**l assault against a child

What to do and how to report
If you choose to report ...

Get to a safe place right away (a neighbor even if you don't know them, a friend, a family member)

DO NOT SHOWER OR DOUCHE AND DO NOT change your cloths. If the attacker left you at the scene, do not move anything or throw anything away. 
Yes, we KNOW THAT THIS WILL BE SO VERY DIFFICULT . Every part of you wants to wash it all away and remove any reminders that this even happened (Please don't because you will be taking away any evidence that might convict your attacker).

If you can call a friend. If a friend is not available and you are in the USA, call RAINN (R*p*, Abuse, Incest National Network, a 24 hour hotline, at 1-800-656-HOPE for support ).

Go to a hospital emergency room (preferabl y with a family member or friend) for an examinati on and to check for STDs (s*x**lly transmitt ed diseases) and pregnancy (if you choose to report the offense to police, the exam and tests will probably be free).

Remember always, this was not and never ever should be considere d your fault!!
It is ONLY the fault of the one who attacked you!!

Stay Safe and Take Care,
Your Sanctuary Staff


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