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Author Topic: What If I Don't Want To Report - Will You Tell On Me?  (Read 1205 times)

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What If I Don't Want To Report - Will You Tell On Me?
« Reply #1 on: July 10, 2009, 10:20:59 AM »
This is a subject that so few discuss.

A victim of any crime SHOULD report, but is it that easy?
Do they just tell somebody and then it is all better? No more fear, no more nightmare s (if they were any), no more pain, no more shame?  Many believe that it just gets better, and that is that (la la la, pretendin g it never happened).

Your Sanctuary, and its Staff members will ALWAYS "encourage" a victim to report.  This is  because most, if not all, Staff members are survivors and they have felt the feelings that are associate d with being victimize d.  If asked, everyone would have wanted the "attacks" to stop. Duh!!

This question really needs to be answered, "Will It Always Get Better If I Report?" Should it be answered where a Guest and the general public can see it? The discussio ns about this topic, will create feelings, even by the non-survivor (because of this, some parts of or discussio ns must and will take place out from under the public's eye so that a survivor, in pain, does not feel their feelings are under a microscop e to be "dissected" and "interpret ed").

An area will be created within the Survivor area of the forum so that the ones that choose to discuss this "privately" can. Then (should they choose) they can have their words, their feelings, and their "story", brought out here.
In this way, non-Survivors can know the truth.  While this may not be the truth that the reader believes, that does not make it any less true for the one that has said it, and felt it (has lived with it or is living with it).

Guests can provide their thoughts via email by emailing yoursanct uarystaff  Please understan d, that if an email has content that is not compliant to the Terms Of Use (TOUs), we will "edit" as is needed to comply with the TOUs.

Okay, so now the question is, what are your thoughts?

Take Care and Stay Safe,
Your Sanctuary Staff


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