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Author Topic: What Does Supporting Mean?  (Read 1635 times)

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What Does Supporting Mean?
« Reply #1 on: March 31, 2010, 04:42:43 PM »

Today I saw something that I had been blind to all these years.  Let me share with you, how I finally saw something inside.

I was watching an older show called "Little House On The Prairie" with Michael Landon as Charles Ingalls, on televisio n.  In this episode, a girl in the family, Mary, was going blind.  It was when her father shook his head and asked the eye doctor "How do I tell a fifteen year old girl that she is going blind?" He raised his voice and said "Tell me Doctor, how do I do that?!!"  That was when I saw the pain that he was going through, loving someone so much.  :'(

Later, when he was out in a field in his aloneness, his best friend, Mr. Edwards, came to him after learning of this news and asked Charles, "Is there anything I can do?".  That is when the pain, and the hopelessn ess was clear, just as if it was written or scribed there on Charles' face.  So lost in his pain and anguish Charles could not see his friend trying so very desperate ly to reach out and help.  Charles didn't or couldn't, see the hand being offered, no, there was only the darkness that surrounde d him.
"No.  No there's nothing you can do," Charles replied as he slowly stood and then walked away (was this your survivor?  As they rejected your hand.  The hand that you offered in support?).  :-\

Mr. Edwards could only watch as Charles, the one he was so close to, the one with whom he had been through so much with, walked away with pain attached like a ball and chain.  Mr. Edwards looked to the ground, searched for something to say, some thing he could do, some way to relieve Charles' pain.  I saw the pain on Mr. Edwards' face as Charles walked away (was this you?  A single tear running down your face as the pain rose to the surface, wondering what to do, what can you do, and why a survivor won't let you help).  :'(

This is the reason that we have included you, the Supportin g Member, because you too are searching for answers to questions that seem to be without end.  Here, unlike any other forum, you can ask these questions, and discuss the answers.  :)

You will be able to talk with others, just like you, who have chosen to walk side by side with the one they love so much, their survivor. 
On a path that is filled with pain like the survivor's, all of which you are willing to bear, as you reach out.   Why?  Because unlike all the other people that have crossed their path, you alone have choosen to care.  :)

I just want to say "Thank you for caring for the ones that say to themselve s everyday 'no one cares'"!!!

Take Care and Stay Safe,
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