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Guidelines For These Boards (Read BEFORE posting)
« Reply #1 on: July 06, 2009, 11:42:00 PM »
Hi,  :)

There are a bunch of boards for alters, in fact, there are 12 of them. :o
That may see like a lot, yet because the alters are not permitted in the rest of the forum, the Staff is doing it's best to make the Alter's Area like a world in itself and the Staff may add more as they are needed. :P   

Currently, to view the Alter's Area, you need to ask Tenanya. Why? This is to protect the alters from having members come into their area and "freaking" out because then they will freakout. :y47: :y14:

The Alter's Area is divided into two areas.
In one of those areas, some members (those with special permissio n) are able both view and post.
In this area are the following boards:
     "What's an Alter?" and Other Questions About Them  (you're on it)
     "Will You Tell Us Your Name and How Old You Are?"
     The Littles ( 3 - 7 years old )
     The Younger Ones ( 8 - 12 years old )
     The Teenagers ( 13 - 17 years old )
     The Older Ones ( those over 18 years old )

If you would like access to talk to the alters (as some others have) and offer comfort, support or encourage ment, all you need to do is ask. :15:

Remember that this area is special and accessed only by those that are given this special privilege .
Be especiall y gentle with The Littles (under 8 years old) and The Younger Ones (8 - 12 years old)[/u].
Just like the rest of us Alters also have bad days. :y13:
The Littles may completel y ignore you :y7:,
The Younger ones may completel y ignore you :y7:,
The Teenagers may tell you "go screw yourself" :y14:,
and Those that are older may tell you "go screw yourself" :y14:
This is usually not about youIt is about their pain. :y48:

If you are ever feeling freaked out, leave the area immediate ly!!
If you need to, go to a screaming board and scream!
If you have to, you can even PM me (Tenanya) with "screaming" as the subject and then you can scream at me all you want :P.

because I will hear about it and immediate ly talk to you about your access to the Alter's area :y14:.

Keep in mind that the Staff will generally give an "alter" the benefit of the doubt because you, the regular member, are in "their world" (they can SCREAM at you, but you can NOT SCREAM at them).

The other area is one that ONLY the alters themselve s are permitted to post in ( these are listed for convenien ce only ):
     A Place For Alters To Vote
     The Alter's SCREAMING Room
     My Story ~ The Way I Remember It
     Where Alters Can Talk To Staff Members
     Sad Things ~ Like When Someone Goes Away
     The Common Area - This a room that is magical
     Where ONLY Alters Can Talk To Each Other:
     The Little's Room ( 3 - 7 years old )
     The Younger One's Place( 8 - 13 years old )
     The Teenager's Place ( 13 - 18 years old )
     The Older One's Area ( those over 18 years old )

That's the lay out. Oh, access to these boards is not guarantee d and may be removed at anytime (except for alters of course :D ) with or without notice.

Stay Safe,
Tenanya :Security:
let us not forget those that are new to these kind of problems,
these are the ones that need so badly to be protected from the enemy.


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