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Why We Didn't Fight or Tell

Why would we choose to not fight and/or remain silent?

This is where we will try to help you to understand why.

We posted this question to the members of our forum, Your Sanctuary, and allowed them to answer. When desired by them, we used their display name (not their real name).

> Here are the obvious reasons:

A) The attacker threatened to harm us,
or those we love.

"My attacker held a knife and said he'd kill me if I told (I was only five years old)."

12/7/2010 - Cloud

"I was told that my parents would be told that I started the relationship, I was told that he would kill my brother and my parents. I was told that he would kill me and he nearly did a few times."

12/8/2010 - Broken

First incident. I was too young to know, but I did tell the police when I was interviewed. I didn't tell any one else because I thought it was over.
Later, it was b/c (because) I was ashamed. After that incident I didn't talk for weeks after I left the hospital. I was scared, confused and disturbed. That is when I started my mental health problems.
Another incident I didn't tell because my aggressor was a minor. I didn't want to ruin his life, and I didn't want to be looked down upon if I pressed charges. My history with DV (Domestic Violence) was solved when the guy went to jail, and I have and do talk about it.

12/9/2010 - Anonymous

B) The attacker was a person that we were supposed to trust.

> Here are obscure and hidden reasons:

A) The attacker belittles us by saying we deserve it, no one else would want us because we are vulgar name and tells us we are worthless

B) The attacker convinces us that no one will believe us

*this was the case when one of our members was raped by their therapist - the_rapist (hmmm).

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