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                      Your Sanctuary Forum "Your Sanctuary" is open.

It has a special area set aside just for Family and Friends, and ONLY for Family and Friends.

Only Family and Friends will see or even know that it exist.

Rest assured that the forum will be closely monitored.

Bullying or attacks on other members will NOT be tolerated.

There will many boards, think of them as rooms,
for the various aspects of our lives as survivors.

Here's a partial list of the "rooms":

  1. "Rooms" for good news, good days, and victories.

  2. "Rooms" for bad news, dark days, and challenges.

  3. "The SCREAMING Room". Where Family and Friends can SCREAM, cuss/swear as they choose (for venting).

There will be many rooms to share in;
Post articles,
"Talk" with Staffmembers,
and much, much more!!!

About our "Quick Exit"

While our "Quick Exit" will immediately take you to a latest fashion search on Google, but remember that the back button will still bring you here .

Be sure to clear your cache and history as soon as possible after a "Quick Exit".
You may want to do this after each visit to our site.

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