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Welcome Survivors, Family & Friends, and Professionals.

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A place for Professionals to the truths they don't know and understand.

Welcome to A Sanctuary.

This site is designed to reveal useful information about the effects of abuse.

We offer beneficial solutions to you, the survivors,
and to you, the family and friends of survivors,
that you can incorporate into your life.

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Want to know more first?
Just scroll down and we will help you with that.

Just For Survivors

We, as survivors, know about things from the Darkness and why you may feel them.

  • Guilty Feelings
  • Shame (beyond the guilt)
  • Fear (inner & outer)
  • Feeling dirty
  • Flashbacks
  • The Pain we know
  • Eliminate the negative
  • Something here
  • Something here
  • Something here

We want to help you to find these things and once you do, perhaps we can help you into the warmth and comfort of Light.

  • It never was your fault
  • Hope is real
  • Forgiving isn't forgetting
  • Re-claim your mind
  • Stopping flashbacks
  • A different viewpoint
  • Bring in the positive
  • Something here
  • Something here
  • Something here

Thinking of ending it all?

Will that really make the pain stop?
We've been there.

This video was created by a survivor that
believed suicide was an option.
It shows something you should know.

Click the pic and it will open in a separate window.


For Survivors


Click here, or on the picture to learn more.

Our area designed for survivors of abuse is designed to be both comforting with a soft blue background and safe by
providing a quick / emergency exit that will immediately take you to today's latest fashions presented by Google.

Our Specialty Forum


Click here, or on the picture to talk about things with others just like you.

Your Sanctuary, is designed as a specialty forum to help
and also be accomodating for Family & Friends, and Professionals(each area is separate).
It's house-like layout says "Welcome Home".

Family & Friends


Click here, or on the picture to learn how you can help.

An area designed for Family & Friends that is intended to help you to understand;

> From the many challenges that survivors face, to
> How to be supportive and reassuring, and
> Find out the things you should or should not say.

For Professionals

blue crystal

Click here, or on the picture to see what we put together for you.

This area presents a crisp and clean look much like your office.

Here we offer you our viewpoint based on your career (Law Enforcement, ER Staff, Psychologists, and Psychiatrists.
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